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Details for Mojikyo M101, Mojikyo M102, ...

Mojikyo M101, Mojikyo M102, ... (Mojikm01.ttf, Mojikm02.ttf, ...)
Source: Free download from Mojikyo Institute.
Note: Konjaku-Mojikyo is a font and input system for scholars with support for over 80,000 different characters. Its many fonts are Unicode TrueType fonts but the CJK-related characters are not mapped to the matching Unicode codepoints, making them unusable outside the Mojikyo software. Although the "Mojikyo M112" font (mojikm0c.ttf) contains interesting tile patterns and some Emoji symbols.
Stats: Version 0.93 has 1,056 glyphs and no kerning pairs
Support: n/a
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