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Details for UVN fonts from TTi's Script Pack 1

UVN fonts from TTi's Script Pack 1
Fonts shown from this package:
  1. UVN But Long 1
  2. UVN Co Dien: also available in bold (Đậm)
  3. UVN Dam Cuoi
  4. UVN Dam Cuoi Hep (Narrow)
  5. UVN Hoa Tay 1
  6. UVN Kieu: available in regular (Thường) and bold (Đậm)
  7. UVN Muc Cham
  8. UVN Sang Song: also available in bold (Đậm)
  9. UVN Sang Song Nang (Heavy)
  10. UVN Thu Tu
  11. UVN Vi Vi
  12. UVN Vien Du
Source: Free download of Script Pack 1 from TTi.
You can also view PDF files showing the full range of characters for a given font / package. Ignore any price information since the fonts are now free.
Stats: Version 1.2 has 5,092 glyphs and 1,597 kerning pairs
Support: Latin, Vietnamese
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