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Details for UVN fonts from TTi's Script Pack 2

UVN fonts from TTi's Script Pack 2
Fonts shown from this package:
  1. UVN Ben Xuan: also available in bold (Đậm)
  2. UVN Buc Thu
  3. UVN Bui Doi
  4. UVN But Long 2
  5. UVN Con Thuy
  6. UVN Dinh Hon
  7. UVN Dung Dan
  8. UVN Hoa Dao
  9. UVN Hoa Ky
  10. UVN Ly Do
  11. UVN Moi Hong
  12. UVN Mua Thu
  13. UVN Thang Vu
Source: Free download of Script Pack 2 from TTi.
You can also view PDF files showing the full range of characters for a given font / package. Ignore any price information since the fonts are now free.
Stats: Version 1.2 has 5,092 glyphs and 1,597 kerning pairs
Support: Latin, Vietnamese
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   various fonts from script pack 2

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