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Details for UyghurEdit fonts

UyghurEdit fonts
Fonts shown:
  1. UyghurEdit Arial (UyghurEditArial.ttf)
  2. UyghurEdit Lotus (UyghurEditLotus.ttf)
  3. UyghurEdit Qara (UyghurEditQara.ttf)
  4. UyghurEdit Riwaj (UyghurEditRiwaj.ttf)
  5. UyghurEdit Sulus (UyghurEditSulus.ttf)
Source: Free download from the UyghurEdit site.
Stats: Version 1.0 has 1,050 glyphs and 739 kerning pairs
Support: Arabic script (Uighur only), Cyrillic (Russian and other Slavic languages), Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Vietnamese
OpenType Layout Tables: Arabic
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   UyghurEdit fonts

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