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Details for Aegean

Aegean (Aegean.otf)
Source: Free download from George Douros's 'Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts' page.
Stats: Version 1.01 has 3,578 glyphs and no kerning pairs
Support: Cypriot Syllabary, Greek, Latin, Linear B (ideograms and syllabary), Old Italic, Old Persian cuneiform, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Private Use Area (Lycian, Carian, Linear A, Lydian, Anatolian/Luvian Hieroglyphs, Cypro-Minoan, Cretan Hieroglyphs, others)
OpenType Layout Tables: Greek, Latin
Cypriot [ show all fonts ]

   Cypriot font

Greek [ show all fonts ]

   Greek font

Linear B Ideograms [ show all fonts ]

   Linear B font

Linear B Syllabary [ show all fonts ]

   Linear B font

Old Italic [ show all fonts ]

   Old Italic font

Old Persian Cuneiform [ show all fonts ]

   Old Persian font

Phoenician [ show all fonts ]

   Phoenician font

Ugaritic [ show all fonts ]

   Ugritic font

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